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A Retrospective

"My decision to open my studios to the public was so that I can have the joy of showing my work in the spaces I have built for it. All while the dust and sweat are still there and everything is alive with me. These are my homes, my living spaces, not museums. I wanted to give myself a chance to play purely for pleasure's sake, with no dealers or commercial strings attached.

It does not take an art historian to respond to great works of art. When the artist is inside the work, one feels it in their mind, heart, and in their guts. "

– Carla Lavatelli

Carla Lavatelli is an expert at revitalizing abandoned and unwanted places. Her challenge is to bring them back to life. She does what she feels she has to, which is discovering precious and impossible pieces of work by surprise. She finds happiness when an idea becomes a wall. And that wall becomes a space that will be experienced and enjoyed by people. Those very people are extremely important to her, for her work comes a live through them. What matters most is to be able to have a link to them. To speak to both their hearts and their minds.

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