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Carla Lavatelli

One-Woman Shows

2012-13 Pietrasanta, Lucca and Volterra, major retrospectives being prepared Tuscany, Italy
1995 Pecci Museum, Fondazione Gori Prato, Italy
1976-78 Gimpel Weitzenhofer New York, New York
1974 The Philips Collection Washington, D.C.
1972 Hakone Open Air Museum Hakone, Japan
1972 Alexander Iolas New York, New York
1971 Sari Heller Gallery Beverly Hills, California
1970 Desert Museum Palm Springs, California
1970 Galerie Moos Montreal, Canada
1970 Benjamin Gallery Chicago, Illinois
1970 Galerie Motte Geneva, Switzerland
1969 Herbert Kende Gallery New York, New York
1969,71,73,75 Palm Beach Gallery Florida
1967 Galleria La Vernice Bari, Italy
1967 Galleria degli Argenti Milano, Italy
1966 Galleria "Il Carpine" Rome, Italy
1965 Palazzo Cerio Capri, Italy
1960-1964 Sari Heller Gallery Beverly Hills, California
1959 Galleria Russo Rome, Italy


Public Commissions & Collections

2014 October An auction of 50+ Carla Lavatelli original works is scheduled for
October 24th, 2014 at Drouot by AuctionArt. >Auction Info
Paris, France
2014 October “Une Ronde de Mouettes” Swirling Seagulls, an Urban project is inaugurated on “La Place des Patriotes” by the Mayor of the city. Mougins, France
2014 July –  “The Wave” in bronze was installed at The Gori Collection >Website
Celle, Italy
2014 April – Wikipedia publishes the 'Life and Work of Carla Lavatelli >See Article
2008 Grace Cathedral, Donation of “For Birth,” the Cardinal’s vest and processional San Francisco, CA
  banner by her son and his wife  
2000 Erminia Landau Geneva, Switzerland
1999 Judge Tom Clark Carmel, California
1995 Patricia Salomon Japan
1993-1995 Carla Lavatelli Plaza: "Place du Bancs des Amis," St Jaques Le Majeur Mougins, France
1991 San Gionvanni Battista, 16th Century Monument Pistoia, Italy
1989 New Enterprise Associates San Francisco, California
1985 Sciences Plaza, Brown Univeristy Rhode Island, CT
1984 Saint Peter’s Church New York, New York
1984 Saint Peter’s Church New York, New York
1984 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art San Francisco, California
1983 Palm Desert Museum and Annenberg Theatre Palm Springs, California
1980,85,96 The Kasser Foundation New Jersey
1980 Klebanow New York, New York
1979 Muscarelle Museum, College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia
1979 Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Board Room Princeton, New Jersey
1978 Rosenblatt New York, New York
1976 Collection of Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Sculptures to Wear Minneapolis
1976 Park 80 West New Jersey
1976 Freiburg Botanical Gardens: Lavatelli Goldener Teich, Universitӓt Bauamt Germany
1976 Architect Albert Mayer New York, New York
1975 New Law Building Stanford University, California – Dedicated by President Ford California
  Invited to visit the White House  
1974 Enid Haupt Palm Beach, Florida
1974 Phillips Collection Washington, D.C.
1973-75 Hassenfeld Rhode Island, CT
1972-1976 Shah of Iran, Royal Park, Palace & Museum of Modern Art Teheran, Iran
1971 Horace Kadoorie Hong Kong
1971 Pierre Matisse New York, New York
1971 Sari Heller Beverly Hills, California
1971-72 John Upjohn Pharmaceuticals Kalamazoo, Michigan
1970 Spingold Theatre, Brandeis Univeristy Waltham, Massachusetts
1969 Palace of H.S.H Ranieri of Monaco, Principauté de Monaco Monaco
1969 Norton Museum Palm Beach, Florida
1968 Pinacoteca di Stato Rome, Italy
1967 Palazzo di Giustizia Lecce, Italy
1966 President of Italy Giovanni Leone Italy
1966,78 Joan Baruk Capri, Italy and New York


Events & Happenings

2012 Launch of website detailing Carla Lavatelli's life and works California
2001 A Ferrari with a Soul, painted fender of her late husband’s Ferrari, Private Collection, Switzerland  
1998 The Window of Hope St. Peter’s, Vatican
1998 Grace Cathedral – Cope, High Altar & Processional Banner San Francisco, California
1996 Life Project, I wish you time to enjoy it while you have it  
1996 Silk Cope for the Dean, Blessing of the Animals, St Francis Day, St John the Divine NYC
1995 United Nations Project for Peace 50th Anniversary NYC
1995 Musée Renoir, Parmis Les Oliviers Cagnes sur Mer, France
1995 Laisser un Signe, Picasso Museum Antibes
1995 Gold medal honorary award of the City of Mougins “Le Gallet d’Or”
  for outstanding achievements  
1995 Happening for Peace, Winter Garden, World Financial Center, unrealized Cesare Pelli, NYC
1994 St Augustine Church and Cloister Pietrasanta, Italy
1993 Musée Picasso de la Photographie, Quatre Photographes et Carla Lavatelli Mougins, France
1991 Happening for a Prayer, Fondazione Gori, San Giovanni Battista Pistoia, Italy
1989 “A friend of stone & water”, photos Emmett Bright, Architectural Digest Italian ed.
1986 Cathedral of St John the Divine, Festa to celebrate Centennial of the Cathedral NYC
1980-82 Einstein Institute of Advanced Studies Princeton, New Jersey
1979 Woodrow Wilson Building Princeton, New Jersey
1978 A & J Rose New York, New York
1976-96 Studio – 140 Thompson Street New York, New York
1973-on The Working Place, Sculpture Garden, Open to Public Tuscany, Italy
1966-72 Officina Cidonio with Noguchi, Moore Arp & Stahly


Publications & Projects

1984 The Work of Carla Lavatelli by Carla Lavatelli, 1970-84 ABBA International
2001 NOI, Being happy  
2002 Produced four projects for the City of Bordeaux, one for the City of Paris Paris, France
2003 Publication of brochure for installation at the Matisse Museum  
2006 Completed Une Ronde de Mouettes City of Mougins, France

Designs & Inventions

It was sometime in the mid 1960s that I had my first studio in New York, uptown at 414 East 75th. I carved very small stone sculptures and started to wear them. I called them “Sculptures to Wear.” They soon became the rave of America and were purchased worldwide.


Stone, metals, wood, rope, wool, water, ceramic, terracotta, wax, plastic, paper, silk, light, glass, wind, music, earth, trees, flowers, dreams, oil colors, words.