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The Officina Cidonio, a non-profit organization for artists who work in stone, invited Carla to work in Pietrasanta, Italy. She is the youngest of the group, and the only woman. This is where she meets Marino Marini, Henry Moore, Jack Lipchitz and Isamu Noguchi. All of the artists who live and work on the premises are there by invitation only. The sculptures created there are permanently exhibited. This is also where she carves her first major outdoor travertine and granite sculptures. During frequent lunch discussions about the situation of the art world, Carla and Isamu Noguchi decide to build spaces to house their work as an alternative to the museum's basement. They also discuss giving their work as a gift to public institutions. Carla shares a studio with Isamu Noguchi, at the Officina Cidonio, for the following seven years. She continues working on her two-part stone sculptures. She then does “Triangles To Infinity,” which is first shown at the Officina Cidonio. After that she begins a new abstract weaving “The Perfect Day.”

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