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1996 - 2006

Her project for Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, the High Altar, the Cope of the very Reverend Dean Alan Jones and the processional banner, is realized in 1997-1998, with its inauguration at Easter in 1998. Carla was at work on silk models at her indoor studio Tuscany in 1997. She goes on to outline and proof 5 books for future publication:”A Plaza for the City of Mougins...une histoire d’amour 1994-1996,” including photographs by Jacqueline Salmon, André Villers, Carlo Lavatelli Herrmann, Oliviero Toscani, “Poems and Essays,” by Silvio Ceccato, Le Courbusier, Baudelaire, Brecht. “Parmi les Oliviers at the Renoir Museum 1995, A book of days The Power of Hope, 50 years of letters good, bad, useless Ephemeral and not, projects and installations 1987-1996,” Photographs by Carlo Lavatelli Herrmann, text by the people of the street and children. “My Family the life of an independent sculptor, too many obstacles for a dream. A biography.” She was trying to produce a catalog to be printed about the tables, furniture, lamps, objects and jewelry she made between 1970-96. Submitted projects: Un Giro di Gabbiani to celebrate love and freedom, and an outdoor mural in New York City that was awaiting approval. “The Fountain with the Permanent Shadow,” carved model made in 1970, with an electronic working model realized by Carlo Lavatelli Herrmann in 1985-86. It is a sun-activated fountain operating with water in San Francisco. “The Chapel for All Religions” was being proposed to various cities to also bring back to life abandoned areas project. It was originally made in 1973. Laisser un signe éphémère et non Picasso Museum Antibes. “The Window of Hope” which was made for the Pope Giovanni Paolo II, Vatican City, Rome. The sculpture “1½,” was vandalized and restored. It is now permanently installed again in the Fairchild Auditorium at the Stanford Medical Center in Stanford, California. She also received a commission from a collector in NYC for alabaster carving “For the Light.”